Commissioning and Project Management


I understand that the process of commissioning artworks may not be familiar to those involved and I am of course happy to give appropriate guidance throughout. I have considerable experience of project managing high value and complex projects. At the onset of the commission it is important to establish the scope of the brief.  Communication is extremely important as it is at this stage that the aims of the brief and the aspirations for the artworks are determined. Other aspects, including any themes or concepts for the artworks, can also be established at this initial stage.




I have extensive experience of interpreting clients' aspirations for the artworks that I create and recognise that the design process provides an opportunity for a creative dialogue. As such the design process is enhanced by good communication with all those responsible for the successful realisation of the commission. With many years experience of working with third parties I understand the issues that can arise when liaising with contractors and subcontractors, for example. Once the scope of the brief and budgets have been decided, preliminary designs will be presented and feedback sought prior to their revision and finalisation. Maquettes and samples will be produced to ensure that the ideas encapsulated by the drawings and designs are clearly understood prior to the manufacture of the artworks. 


If you are thinking of commissioning an artwork and would like some advice on any aspects of the project please do get in touch.